Purge 365


If you know me at all you know that one of my favorite things in this world is a BIG BLACK TRASH bag!

Yes! I love them.


Because I love to purge…I love to throw things away or give things away or sell things. Whatever seems best at the moment! 

My family of 8 lives in a rather smallish home…1450 square feet to be exact, but who’s counting? Not me…unless all 8 of us are at home…then I am counting. And oddly enough everyone seems to want to occupy the same square foot at the same time. Go figure.

All that said, there just isn’t much room for ‘stuff’. I can keep the kids or I can keep the ‘stuff’. I chose the kids…without regret…most of the time! 😉 Just kidding! I love those six Kirk kids even when they want to occupy the same square foot that I am occupying.

Anyway, this year I have decided to get rid of one thing a day, so by the end of the year I will have 365 less things in our home. These are some thoughts I have while cleaning out:

Do we use it?

Can we do without it?

Why do we have it?

In my mind, if we don’t use something it needs to go. If we are hanging onto something without a good reason then it needs to go. You know, like all of that stuff that MIGHT come in handy one day!! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!  “Ain’t nobody got time for that!!”

Something magical happens when I let go of stuff. I realize I don’t have to clean it again, step over it, push it out of the way to get to something else or even look at it EVER AGAIN! Clutter is like ‘visual noise’ to me so getting rid of things is like turning down the volume and creating a more peaceful environment!

I have a LONG way to go to getting our home just like I would like it. And the inflow of stuff is sometimes more than the outflow as you can imagine with 6 kids…hello…they grow like crazy! In comes new clothes and out goes the outgrown clothes.

And then there are  BACKPACKS and SWIM BAGS and COATS and SHOES and HOMEWORK and BASEBALL BAGS and BAND INSTRUMENTS and SCIENCE PROJECTS…these are the things we keep….and continue to wade through on a daily basis!!

Today, I cleaned out kitchen cabinets and have filled a black trash bag! BIG HAPPY!

Here is a photo of my first 6 items of my Purge 365:Image


Goodbye and I hope you find happiness in your new home!!

Anyone want to join me in my Purge 365?


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